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Background of MPF

The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme has been launched in Hong Kong since December 2000. Under the MPF Schemes Ordinance, all employees in Hong Kong are required to enroll into a MPF scheme unless the employees have already joined the MPF-exempted ORSO scheme.

Only about one-third of Hong Kong workforce enrolled in retirement program before the implementation of MPF scheme. Due to the low birth rate and rapidly aging population in the recent years, future working population and government have a sustaining burden when financially supporting the huge retirement population. To solve this problem, the government has launched the MPF scheme to allow the working population to plan for their own retirement life financially.

How to choose funds under MPF scheme?

Many people neglect the fund selection under MPF scheme; however, the success of a MPF scheme greatly depends on the performance and risk management of the selected funds. Under the compounding effect, there will be a very big difference in returns for different performance of funds. Please refer to the following example of illustrating the difference in the accumulated amounts under different MPF schemes.

Monthly contribution HK$2,000

Annual Return

Savings Term




10 years




20 years




30 years





UIC has started MPF business since 2000. We are one of the few companies which are experienced in financial planning and investments. We believe that we can optimize your MPF plans with our expertise and experience.

For more information about MPF, please contact us.

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You can also visit MPFA website for further information.

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